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Happy Valentine’s Day my pretties. Even though it was yesterday but if you’re in a different county it maybe today! But my darling partner came home on his work lunch break holding a beautiful red rose and a box of chocolates for me. He’s so sweet, I’ve eaten the chocolate already which is probably no surprise to anyone but I had one of those moments where I didn’t realise the box was empty and I reached in for more and my body was overcome with a feeling of sadness/regret/embarrassment/shock. Do you know the feeling?

Regardless I created a Valentine’s Day inspired makeup look! I’ll list down what products I used down below and link the site where I purchased them for you all! Let me know what you think in the comments! 💋

Valentines Day Inspired Look

Primer- Too Faced Hang Over Set and Prime Spray

Foundation- Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation in shade 210

Concealer- Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in shade Light

Setting Powder- Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder in translucent

Contour- Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

Highlighter- Jeffree Star 24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette

Eyes- Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Lashes- Ebay

Lips/Hearts- Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in I’m Shook

– Hayley xoxox

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I know what you’re probably thinking.. shut up and talk about makeup!! But I’ve been working on a little somethin somethin the last few days and it’s got me thinking. Self worth and love is hard work. I mean, you can’t tell me you take one selfie and you’re like ‘yup perfect!’.. It takes a lot for me to really 100% like anything and most of the time I’m doubting myself or thinking it’s not good enough. You are not alone! I’m not looking for compliments by all means. But it’s something that needs to be spoken about a lot more I feel.

Whether you’re self conscious because you’re not your ideal weight, shape, your hairs not long enough, your skins not clear enough, whatever it is! God didn’t put us on this earth to all look the same! We are all beautiful in our own way! I’d rather have flaws then be the most beautiful person on this earth but be a total fucking ass hole!

I’ve always struggled accepting my weight. And before you all judge me. Yes, I don’t like being so skinny. I get asked if I’m anorexic, I get asked if I eat, even this weekend I was in the toilet and a girl asked me if I smoked meth!! I obviously responded with the truth which was no but she then covered her tracks with, ‘oh sorry no offence, you’re still pretty though!’. Ok random girl pissing with the door open in maccas. I won’t take offence. It’s little things like that, that make you second guess yourself.

Everyone dislikes something about themselves and it takes time to love and appreciate yourself. Be kind because it’s a little comment like that, that can take you down a peg.

And if your having a moment where you don’t feel good enough. You’re not alone. We all have moments like this. Be the best version of yourself and if someone doesn’t like it, tell them to go fuck themselves! ♥️

-Hayley xoxo

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How annoying is internet! Mine was out for not even 2 days and I found myself so lost that I started mopping the walls but I’m back and eager to post again for you guys! So I thought I’d do something a little different this week and share with you some of my favourite things that aren’t just beauty related! Get to know what helps me live my best life! This post could of turned into a freakin novel but I narrowed it down for you all, SO KEEP READING…




This has been an ongoing obsession since day one. I have all the seasons on DVD which they come out a week before by birthday so my dad always buys me the new release each year. And I’m that crazy about it that I won’t actually watch the discs, there just for show but I’ll watch them on Netflix. I don’t think I go a week without watching at least one episode. Weird right. My favourite season is such a hard one. It would probably be between season 1, Murder House or season 7, Roanoke. But who am I kidding, I don’t hate any of them!!




Chocolate is a serious addiction for me. I would eat at least 3 blocks a week. And not just that but Oreos. Coat a dog shit in chocolate and I’d give it a go. Hahaha nah but the obsession is bad. I’ll generally eat it in bed at night so I don’t have to share it with anyone. My not so secret shame.



This stuff is Jesus Christ’s tears. It’s amazing. The best foundation I’ve ever had. I’m in shade 210 and I’ve almost ran out but this bright spark thought she’d play a round of beer pong on Australia Day and after that got me a bit ‘how’s it goin’ I decided to order some more. But not just that, I ordered 2 bottles…. and some Kat Von D setting powder. Oh and did I mention I also purchased the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint? So yeh. That happened. Don’t drink and scroll Sephora kids.



Summer is such a special time of the year for my family. Any hot day we can, we go down the beach with friends and family and just spend the day soaking in the sun and playing around the water. Not only that but seeing how fun my girls are having. We went down there the other weekend and my skin was so crispy chicken.

NENE VALLEY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Photo taken by yours truly.



Once in a blue moon I’ll do a massive order of Chinese food that will literally feed 3 families. There is just way too much delicious things on the menu to pass up! Recently me and my partner have been obsessed with salt and pepper prawn. Holy shit. But it’s so weird. Like you could literally eat 3 plates of Chinese food and 100%, you will be hungry within the hour. Left overs are usually eaten before the night ends!



If anyone hasn’t seen this already, Buzzfeed unsolved is one of my favourite youtube channels. Two men travel around exploring crime scenes or paranormal places that have been labelled unsolved. Even though the subjects are so dark the hosts are hilarious! I love this shit! I love the paranormal and just anything that will creep me out and keep me awake at night. I’m deranged. My favourite episode would be ‘3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons’. I don’t want to give too much away but they go to the ‘Doll Island’ in Mexico, ‘The Westchester House’ and ‘The Sallie House’. All equally as freaky as the other. Ill link the channel down below!




I’m a stay at home mum so I generally spend my day sitting on the couch doing nothing. WRONG! I sit on the couch when I’m picking fucking sultanas out from between the cushions. There is always cleaning to do, constant washing and meals to prepare and what better way to do so then to listen to a true crime podcast, am I right??? I find it so interesting! My favourite true crime podcast would be ‘Sword and Scale’. A man named Mike Boudet covers the ins and outs of true crime from around the world and the criminal justice systems response. Sounds boring? Give it a listen but just keep in mind this is not for the faint hearted!




They call it vintage, I call it my childhood. Its one of the things I remember doing a lot as a kid. Me and my brother use to thrive off the Nintendo and I really enjoyed playing it with him. Donkey Kong country, 2 and 3 are my favourite. I also play a lot of Mario. For my birthday last year my fiancé actually bought me the new Super Nes Mini and it was love at first site. It fits in the palm of my hand and it so adorable!! We’ve spent countless nights yelling at the TV and each other for that matter. And like we always say, couples that play Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo together, stay together. Or is that just us?




I love a good scented candle. Its not just the smell but they generally make me feel better about life. I love really fruity ones and that are really strong smelling! Vanilla or Lavender…get the fuck out of town. Yuck.



Coffee is a obsession, a necessity and an addiction. I literally cant function without it. If I don’t have one before lunch my day is ruined with this hectic migraine that I cant get rid of. This may sounds dramatic but I’m for reals. If Hayley hasn’t had a coffee approach with caution, I’m an asshole.


So there you have it. 10 of a few of my favourite things! I hope you enjoyed reading this post today and let me know if you’d like to read more personal posts in the comments below! Don’t forget it follow my Instagram @beautifulgossip for updates and other news! Love you guys!

-Hayley xxoo


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Hey guys if you haven’t already, go check out my Instagram page ‘Beautiful Gossip’ for updates and other things beauty related ♥️♥️♥️

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Hey friends, how are we all?? Sorry I only posted once last week! School holidays are coming to an end faster then I thought so I’ve been spending time with my little one before she starts her first year at school! So stressful! Life goes so fast and my eyes are welting up just typing this! I will most definitely be a mess when I drop her off for her first day and I cant decide whether to wear makeup or not. Do I wear makeup and cry my eyes out and scare all the children away or do I not wear makeup and look like I’ve been on a hectic 3 day bender… and scare the children away! Cant decided!!


So today I wanted to share with you MY NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE! My skin is quite combination and since having my first child I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with it. It’s like I hit puberty at 21. But I manage the best i can. I do struggle with break outs but I control them the best I can. And if anyone of my readers have the same trouble. Do NOT let it bring you down. It happens to the best of us. I feel like any kind of cosmetics are trial and error. Some things work for you and some don’t but I’ve recently found a few products that have been fantastic! So keep reading if you want to hear more!

First of all as some of you may know from previous post, I love taking off my makeup with a good old baby wipe! The ones I use are from Woolworths and are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and contain no alcohol! The wipes contain aloe vera and vitamin E which is something that has always benefited my skin!

Now babies wipes wont take off 100% of your makeup so I will then soak one in my ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water’! I only purchased this product a few weeks ago and it has done wonders for my skin! Its for normal to sensitive skin and contains no perfume so it hasn’t irritated my skin at all. I use this to take off eye makeup and also my lipstick! There is no need to scrub your face because this stuff literally melts it off!


After making sure all my makeup has been removed I use my ‘Neutrogena Oil-free Daily Scrub! I use this to remove any dead skin and help unclog my pores to prevent break outs! it exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth!


Ill then used my ‘The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask’. This stuff is my holy grail face mask! I do this ever second night and it clears up my skin or shrinks any already existing blemishes! It contains, tea tree oil, tamanu oil, lemon tree oil and menthol. Ill leave this on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off and my skins left feeling so cool and fresh!


Before moisturizing and only if I have any hectic break outs ill use a cotton tip and dab some of my ‘Mario Badescu Drying Lotion’ onto any blemishes that need to fuck off asap. This lotion is quite self explanitary! It dries out your pimples so don’t lather this stuff all over your face otherwise you’ll turn into a big old mess. so just apply it on the problem areas. I also made the mistake when first using it and applied to broken skin. DO NOT DO THAT! It burnt like a mother fucker. But it works! Ill leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wipe it off!


I then like to sprits my face with some of the ‘Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater’. This stuff leaves my face feeling so fresh and rejuvenated. Specially after id just been rubbing the crap out of my face. This can also be used before applying makeup and also setting your makeup in place! Its even good to use through out the day if your face isn’t handle the summer heat! Id highly recommend.


And last but certainly not least! The most important step of them all is moisturizer! My ‘Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream’. This cream is quite heavy for me so all I need is about a pea sized amount and ill rub this all over my face. This leaves my face feeling so smooth and what I love about this is that is doesn’t contain any oils!

So this is why I’m up so late and get barely any sleep, because this shit takes so long! No but seriously it really doesn’t. healthy skin is super important and we all need to use the best products we can to maintain our youthful skin for as long as we can! I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products down below or tell me what products best work for you! Love you all and thanks for reading!

-Hayley xoxox

Where to purchase products:

Neutrogena Daily Scrub-

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water-

The Body Shop Teatree Skin Cleansing Clay Mask-

Mario Badescu Products-

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This post was a tricky one for me. Do I love this palette? I dunno. But I don’t hate it! Does that even makes sense? This is what happens when your up all night with a baby projectile vomiting everywhere. What’s sleep? Should I arrange an exorcism? I don’t know, I’m tired as fuck! But Hayley does not disappoint! I created a look using this adorable little palette for you all so keep reading if you want to read my thoughts and I promise I wont mention projectile vomiting again… Starting from now…


Does anyone elses family do Kris Kringle? I think that’s how its spelt or also known as ‘Secret Santa’? Well for anyone that doesn’t know, everyone puts there name in a hat and who evers name you get, you have to buy them a present and not let them know you have them. I got my sister in law and I got her,Velvet teddy mac lipstick. Aren’t I the best! BUT her boyfriend had me and I 100% know she helped him out with the present because he got me the ‘Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette’! Hahaha does he know what Mecca is? Regardless. Thank you steven!


This palette is super cute! Its of course chocolate scented and while putting this on, my daughter legit came over and asked me if I was eating chocolate and if she could have some. Which isn’t an unusual question because I will quite frequently hide and eat chocolate but that just helps describe how good it smells!


They picked 11 shades out of the original ‘Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette’ and turned them into mattes to create this little guy! I love the colours in this and I love how it has more then one transition shade. I wasn’t quite sure about the cool toned shades in this as they are foreign to me but they are so pretty and can definitely see myself playing with them when I grow some balls!

Swatches left to right, White Chocolate, Matte Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge, Matte Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Matte Candid Violet, Matte Hazelnut, Matte Crème Brulee, Matte Cherry Cordial, Matte Champagne Truffle.

They swatched so well and the pigment was definitely there! I was a bit disappointed in the shade, ‘Matte Gilded Ganache’ and ‘Triple Fudge’ as they weren’t as Khaki as they looked in the pan. For some reason while swatching these I liked my finger, maybe because I was hungry and sleep deprived but I shit you not they taste like chocolate!!! You could eat these but I wouldn’t suggest doing it hahaha!

I did a eyeshadow look so you can see how it is on the eyes!

Eyeshadow look using the ‘TOO FACED CHOCOLATE CHIP PALETTE’

I used the shade, ‘Matte Crème Brulee’ in the crease and blended the colour up just above the brow bone. I then dipped into the shade, ‘Matte Cherry Cordial’ and packed that into my inner and outer corner. I blended that in and dragged it up into my crease leaving the centre of my lid. I then packed the shade, ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ onto my lid for a matte halo eye look! I then used the shade, ‘Semi-Sweet’ on my lower lash line!


The shades I used were a lot cooler toned then I anticipated and they were a bit tricky to blend out then I thought they would be! I had trouble getting the colours seem less just on the outer part where I blended them. I’m not sure if its because they were a bit chalkier of an eyeshadow then I’ve used in the past!


Overall I had a lot of fun creating this look! I love first impressions reviews! It may not have worked out this time round but I’m definitely going to give it another go in the future! Do you guys like seeing these sort of posts? If so leave me a comment down below with what you’d like to see me do next or something different! Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my socials! Instagram @Beautifulgossip and Snapchat @hayleylucycally

-Hayley xoxoxox

Where to purchase this Palette: Mecca Cosmetica

Other Products used:

Primer: Too Faced Hang Over Cream

Foundation: Fenty Beauty

Powder: Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Powder

Concealer: Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Contour: Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

Highlighter: Jeffree Star 24 Karat Pro Highlighter Palette

Brows: La Girl Brow Pomade

Setting Spray: Too Faced Hang Over Spray

Mascara: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lips: Nyx Liquid Shade Cream in Tea and Cookies

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Happy Thursday dolls! How has everyone’s day been? I’m actually so exhausted. School holidays are kicking my ass. My kids are well behaved but then go from 1 to 100 and it lasts all fucking day! I spend all day cleaning then by tea time its fucked again! I also could be tired because I’ve been sitting up all night watching Ultimate Beast Master on Netflix! Its so good! Its like Ninja Warrior but way more dramatic and hilarious!


I’m actually so excited about uploading this post and when this idea popped into my mind I was like ‘YESSS IM A FUCKING GENIUS!!!’. I mean, this has no doubt been done before but I’m actually so happy with how it turned out!!!

So, today I bring you, BYS BERRIES VS ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE! I will do one eyeshadow look, my right eye will be ABH Modern Renaissance and my left, BYS Berries! Its always been said that the berries Palette by BYS is the perfect dupe for the ABH Palette but I’ve never really tried a look to confirm this until now! Not to mention the price difference from the two! So keep on reading if you want to see how this turned out!


Left, BYS Berries Palette. Right, ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

As you can see in the photo above, both palettes have very similar colours but in different order and lay outs. I’ve clearly had my BYS Palette longer too! But how similar are they!!!

BYS Berries is left and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is right. Personally the ABH is slightly more pigmented and the shimmer shades are brighter but its pretty close! Id also like to mention that I feel like Berries Palette has more of a purple reflect to the shades then the ABH.

So when creating this look I used, ABH on the left and Berries on the right and I used the closest shades for each step and I’ll go through with you what I used and swatch comparison of each colour.

For my transition colour I used in the ABH, ‘Raw Sienna’ and BYS I used ‘Toffee’. Now as you can see in the photo below, the ABH shade is much more pigmented so I had to build up the colour on the BYS side but we got there!

Left, ABH shade Raw Sienna. Right, BYS shade Toffee.

I then went in with the shade ‘Cyprus Umber’ from the ABH and ‘Shaded’ from the BYS. I used these shades in my inner and outer corner for some depth to create a halo eye! Once again I had to build up the BYS shade slightly to match the ABH side but these colours are buildable I found!

Left, ABH shade ‘Cyprus Umber’. Right BYS shade ‘Shaded’.

For the centre of my lid on the ABH side I used ‘Primavera’ and BYS side I used ‘Glow’. The shades together there isn’t much difference but I did find the BYS shade was much more buttery! I had no trouble applying these to each lid and didn’t need fix plus for added intensity! I also used these shades for my inner corner highlight!

Left, ABH shade ‘Primavera’. Right BYS shade ‘Glow’.

For the lower lash line I went in with the same transition colours as above, on the ABH side ‘Raw Sienna’ and BYS, ‘Toffee’. Then over top of that and closer to the lash line I went in with ‘Red Ochre’ on the ABH side and ‘Royalty’ on the BYS side! Slight more pigmentation on the ABH shade as you can see below!

Left, ABH shade ‘Red Ochre’. Right, BYS shade ‘Royalty’.

So this is the final look! ABH right and BYS left! I cant tell a difference at all! Can you guys?? The BYS Berries palette is a ABH Dupe! Lets be real! Besides having to pack more colour on the BYS side it worked and I even asked my partner if there was any difference in the two and he couldn’t see it! MIND BLOWN!

So I hope you all enjoyed my little experiment! I had so much fun creating this look for you guys and I’m super stoked with how it turned out! Also a little side note! IVE ALMOST REACH 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! I can not believe it! So make sure you hit that follow button and like my social accounts for updates as there may be a lil giveaway announcement for y’all once I reach 100, stay tuned! I love you all! xoxo

– Hayley xoxox

Where to purchase these palettes:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance-  Sephora

Bys Berries Palette- BYS Cosmetics

INSTAGRAM- @beautifulgossip

SNAPCHAT- @hayleylucycally

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Happy Monday dolls! How was everyone’s weekend? Not that its a big deal to you all but I went out Saturday night and drank alcohol! This is very rare for me! Its literally been almost a year and its not like I don’t like to drink and go out to the pub, its just that I’m not mentally prepared to look after children with a hang over! Its anyone’s worst nightmare. But lucky for me I woke up fresh as a daisy, the only thing that wasn’t was my snapchat story. I also tried to plug my glass of water into my phone charger too but I wasn’t electrocuted hahaha!


So today I wanted to share with you my ‘JEFFREE STAR LIQUID LIPSTICK COLLECTION’! I haven’t came across a liquid lipstick I love more then these! They’re also vegan, gluten free and paraben free and can be used on the eyes and water line which is amazing! You can really get creative with these! Ill include swatches of each and also a picture of how they look on!



First I give you the shade ‘Androgyny‘. This colour is a beautiful dark mauve with a plum undertone. I feature this one first as it was the first one I ever got! I love wearing this with a dark smoky eye.


The shade ‘Mannequin‘ is one of my all time favourite nudes! I wear this almost every time I put makeup on and it has never failed me. What I love about these liquid lipsticks are they last fucking ages! I wore this Christmas Day, drank, ate, ate a little more and when I got home it still looked fine after 8 hours of wear!


Calabasas‘, named after the place Jeffree lives, is a beauty. Its a stunning light pinky mauve. This was a part of his summer 2017 Chrome Collection that is still available on ‘Princess Polly’.


‘Masochist’ is a deep cool toned pink shade! I’m obsessed with this colour!

I was literally in so much pain doing all these lip swatches in one go I thought they were about to fall off! Hahaha!



‘Christmas Cookie’ is the noob of my collection. Its part of his 2017 holiday collection and I purchased this along with the ’24 Karat Highlighter Pro Palette’. Its a light nude shade with a light pink undertone!


‘Daddy’ being one of two of the collab Manny MUA and Jeffree Star did last year, is a beautiful cool toned dark nude! This colour goes with everything, specially a dramatic eye!


The second liquid lipstick in the Manny collab is ‘Im Shook’ and its so stunning! Its a burnt coral shade and as all of the colours, it dries down completely matte. So pretty!



So that was my JEFFREE STAR LIQUID LIPSTICK COLLECTION! I hope you didn’t hate it as much as my lips did! I purchase my Jeffree Star products from Princess Polly as its an Aus company and I don’t like purchasing from overseas because I’m so god damn impatient! Thank you all for reading once again! Don’t forget to follow my socials and give my blog a follow as well!

-Hayley xoxo



My dads a painter by trade so when he talks about his job and what it entails I rarely listen. I’m shocking with selective hearing! But what I do remember him saying is before painting a wall you need to prep it first, sand it down for a smooth finish, base coat and paint. And I think its quite similar to makeup, or I just put the two together to make the conversation more appealing to me! You cant just slap a coat of paint on a house and expect it to last and that’s the same with applying foundation and makeup. You have to know the steps to long lasting makeup and a flawless finish!


So in this post I want to educate you with HOW I ACE MY BASE! Ill include photos of products I use and how I apply them! Enjoy!


Before putting any products on my face I ALWAYS wash it first. I think there’s no point applying anything to a dirty face as all the dirt and oil will be trapped under the product and cause breakouts! So being the typical mum that I am (and all the mums reading this be real, we all do this)  ill use a good old trusty baby wipe to wipe away anything left on my skin or ill lash out and get some of the Cetaphil wipes which are amazing for cleansing the skin! I tend to stay clear of wipes that contain perfumes or alcohol as they can dry out my skin and turn it into a big old shit fest of pimples and dry areas! Not to mention alcohol in skin care products are super bad for you! So once your satisfied with how clean your mug is its onto the next step!


Priming or moisturizing before applying foundation is super important! It creates a perfect base for your foundation and it protects your skin from your make up! That’s why I love using my TOO FACED HANG OVER REPLENISHING PRIMER. This cream contains coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients and skin revivers and NO silicon which I love because youre putting it on bare skin! It feels so cooling and hydrating on the skin and dries down slightly tacky which helps the foundation stick!



Now if you’re me and love having a super smooth face with no visible pores you’ll love the MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER. Ive spoken about this before but I’m obsessed. The only thing is with pore filler products is that they contain silicon and clog your pores which is how you get that smooth finish. So my suggestion is to always use this AFTER priming so it isn’t clogging your pores and causing break outs and irritation. You only need to use the smallest about and only on the areas needed. I like to apply this on my nose, cheeks, chin and between my brows. But just anywhere you feel you have visible pores!



My favourite part! Foundation! Everyone applies foundation differently whether it be with a brush, a sponge or your hands (don’t do that though). But the way I have found works best for me is applying the foundation with a brush and then blending it out with my REAL TECHNIQUES SPONGE. Dotting the foundation all over the face and then just dabbing the shit out of it until its all evenly covered! Recently Ive been using my ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR MAXIMUM COVER FOUNDATION on my blemish areas and not much but just enough to cover the redness. My face has been a real shit fest since Christmas so I’ve been drinking heaps of water and toning down on my chocolate addiction. New Year, New Me. But once that’s applied I will go over with my LA GIRL PRO COVERAGE FOUNDATION. This foundation has a runny consistency with medium coverage but is buildable. You will notice that its quite shiny and oily looking on the face but don’t stress as it mattifies once powder is applied.



I use two different concealers on my face in my routine at the moment. I use my MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER in light on any visible blemishes as its the same colour as my foundation and just gives me that added coverage I so desperately need in my life and then I use my TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY CONCEALER in light under my eyes, forehead, chin and nose and use it to highlight those areas. I also just buff it out with my REALTECHNIQUES SPONGE.



There is nothing I love more then using a loose powder to set my face! And of course its with my holy fucking grail product, my KAT VON D LOCK IT TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER. First I will bake under my eyes but not too hecticly, just enough to stop my under eye creasing. Ill also do this on my forehead. Ill then dust more over my whole face but just not so heavily until there is no shine and my face no longer feels sticky!



Once I’ve applied contour, blush, highlighter and finished my eyes Ill use my KAT VON D SETTING SPRAY to lock it all in and so my face doesn’t melt off in the Australian summer heat. Quick tip, after I’ve sprayed my face with the setting spray I like to just lightly pat my sponge all over my face to ensure the spray has really soaked into the powder. Not sure if this works but it sounds professional hahaha! I love this setting spray and it smells so fresh and cucumbery.


So there you have it! This is how I prep my skin and apply my base for extra long wear. All the other mums I’m sure can vouch for me when I say we do not have time to reapply or even look in the mirror again until its time to wash it off for that matter. Or even for work or you’re out all day I’m sure this information would be beneficial for you! Try it and let me know how it works in the comments below!


Thank you for reading my blog once again! I’ve had so many of you telling me how much you like it so thank you, I love you all! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beautifullgossip and snap chat @hayleylucycally.

-Hayley xxx

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Happy New Year’s friends! What did everyone get up too?? I don’t really celebrate it like most. With two kids I tend to just stay home. Like last year I was watching the fire works on tv while my fiancé danced to Madonnas ‘Like a Virgin’ as he drank alone! It was pretty tragic but I’m literally a fun sponge. I don’t drink and when I do I have like two and lose interest. I’m an actual Nana but I’m just as dumb sober let alone drunk so I still fit in! I also think I may have over done it when I was younger as most alcohols smell like that one time I almost died. Remember the drink ‘Pulse’ which is now called ‘rhythm’ or something. Suppressed memories….

But today I bring you the ‘JEFFREE STAR HOLIDAY COLLECTION FIRST IMPRESSION’. Now I didn’t buy the whole holiday collection. I don’t see the point in buying things you know you will never use. Unless it’s free then hand me that blue fucking lipstick and lets go!

The Jeffree Star ’24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette’ and the liquid lipstick in ‘Christmas Cookie’

I purchased the ’24 KARAT HIGHTLIGHTER PALETTE’ and the liquid lipstick ‘CHRISTMAS COOKIE’! I was fully stalking every single one of ‘Princess Polly’s’ social media accounts to find out when this was released. I’d love to buy off the ‘Jeffree Star’ site but with overseas shipping and the added price I don’t mind waiting for an Australian release. And Princess Polly have afterpay lel. But today I’ll show you photos, swatches and it applied on my pin head for you all to see!


I actually have a brother in-law called ‘Christopher’ and every time I write ‘Christmas’ it autocorrects to his name and I actually sent a message saying ‘Merry Christopher’ the other day and it was hilarious and I didn’t even correct myself. But back to the subject. I purchased the gorgeous liquid lipstick shade in ‘Christmas Cookie’. First of all. As you can see, the packaging is fucking adorable. The glitter and baby pink are so beautiful. He did such a good job of designing this collection.

The shade is a stunning nude with a slight pinky undertone that I’m all for. I tend to have a lot of trouble finding the right nude shade as some can be a bit too light for my skin tone and wash me out a bit or match my skin so it looks like I literally have no lips which looks like a horror show! But I feel this shade would be perfect for any skin tone! Its so versatile! I love the applicator for Jeffree’s Liquid Lipsticks too as the little doe foot tip is perfect for applying product to the lips!


Now before purchasing this I knew very well that all of these shades would not suit my skin tone as highlighters but it was too stunning not to buy and I will be able to use them all as eye shadows as well! The package is so beautiful! I love the gold and how he still used pink for the writing on the front!

Jeffree Stars 24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette

This highlighter palette is stunning! I love how different each shade is and can be used in so many different ways!

Shades left to right, Sarcophagus, King Tut, Dark Horse, Legendary, Giza, Liberance
Swatches with flash on

Each colour is so creamy in consistency and what I love about the formula of these highlighters are that they don’t have chunks of glitter through it and go on the face so smoothly!

In the picture above on my cheek bones I used ‘Sarcophagus’ which I am in love with! Its my new favourite highlighter!! Its not chunky at all and so pigmented. You’d definitely be able to build this up for an even more intense highlight. I’m not one to douse my bod in shimmer but if you are the Jeffree Star Hightlighter Palettes would be perfect for you! I will say the Platinum Skin Frost palette would be a lot more beneficial for you if you were just wanting it for highlighting if you had my skin tone.

So this concludes my first impression! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ve once again made you spend money on makeup so you’re broke like me! Haha! Who wants to see an eye look with the 24 Karat Palette?? Comment below if its something you’d like to see!

I’m so sad this year is almost over. My daughter starts school and my fiancé goes back to work. There is nothing I love more then having my family together, spending time with friends and laying in bed at night listening to my fiancé yell when he dies on Call of Duty. It’s the little things… but big and better things to come in 2018 and I’m excited to continue to write this blog for you all! Please don’t forget to hit that follow button and follow me on Instagram for updates! Love you all so much and I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

-Hayley xxxx